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Oct 4, 2012 4:00am PDT
? so will that make the banks smaller? so, again, in a debate, you can't depend on jim lehrer to do your job. as we say in a fight, baby, if you're going to swing, swing. >> is that what we say in a fight? >> right. when it's time to fight, you've got to swing. >> the president didn't even have his gloves on last night. it's almost like he didn't know the facts -- he didn't know to make the glass-steagall argument. >> actually, he does know facts, but it's a question of whether or not you want to engage in that way. he has to, and i think this morning, he realizes it. >> guess what, we have 90 more minutes to talk about all of this. still ahead this morning on "starting point," a big burning question during the debate was about the size of government. is a theme that kentucky senator rand paul likes to talk about. he's got a new book out called "government bullies." he'll join us to talk about that, coming up next. a mattress. a sausage link. mermaid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febreze eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh
Oct 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
of stuff. twitter is the place where you say, jim lehrer said let's not. and mitt romney wants to kill big bird. and that whole social media wave, i think, influences journalists and all of the other people who are on twitter. >> we're talking about the substance of the debate, though. sorry, richard. it was a substantive debate. there's a lot of information there, lot of details, lot of studies cited. isn't it the role of the moderator, too, to ding, ding, ding, when something goes off the rails, when he knows something isn't true, to step in and take control? >> actual dishonesty or in terms of time and format? >> on a talk show you certainly would jump in and say you said this. but last night you said this in a presidential debate, and lehrer's philosophy is let the candidates go at it, fact check each other. he he did ask good questions but basically decided to make it about them not about him. a lot of anchors don't do that. >> if you know, if you've done your homework and you know that somebody comes on that stage and say something that is in opposition to something that the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)